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Automation and digitalization are poised to disrupt the massive, fast-moving consumer goods industry in surprising ways, ensuring a dramatic restructuring that many companies won't survive.

Will the retail industry be ready for a future arriving sooner than expected?

The crisis has exposed weaknesses and vulnerabilities across the industry, along with surfacing countless of ‘if only we hads...”. Now, while this learning is still fresh in mind, is the time to begin identifying those existing capabilities that require strengthening and creating an innovation to-do list to address newly discovered needs. This report is intended to serve as a prescription, identifying areas of focus for needed capabilities as the industry emerges into a post-pandemic world.

In the blind rush online, many retailers have lost sight of the importance of broader digital engagement with their shoppers. Online shopping is only one digital activity and leading retailers are reassessing and realigning their digital capabilities to provide the experience shoppers are demanding.

Technology is driving the convergence of the massive healthcare and food industries, using AI and big data to guide individuals to specific food products beneficial to their wellbeing.

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