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Retail Mindsteps

Retail Mindsteps (def): Key developments that have caused dramatic and irreversible changes to paradigms and world views in the fast moving consumer goods retail industry.

Retail Mindsteps

Mindsteps, a construct created by astronomer Gerald Hawkins (no relation) several decades ago, refer to irreversible shifts in thinking that have shaped humanity; things like the development of imagery, writing, mathematics, the printing press, television, and computers. 


In similar fashion, retail mindsteps refer to key developments that have shaped the massive fast moving consumer goods retail industry, such as the self-service store, development of national brands, product scanning, and customer data gleaned from loyalty programs. The ever-faster growth of technology fueled innovation is hastening the pace of these retail mindsteps.


And there is no one better prepared to explore the future of retail than Gary Hawkins. Retail Mindsteps is his virtual library, a place readers can access his latest blogs, articles, papers, and more. Retail in the Age of ‘i’ was recently released and is Hawkins’ third book.


Retail Mindsteps is devoted to helping retailers of all sizes not only understand what is happening with fast moving technology fueled innovation in retail but also why it is happening and the implications of new capabilities. 


This exploration is done through writing as Hawkins regularly releases blog stories and articles through media publications; all Hawkins’ writing is available here and readers can sign up to be notified when a new story is released. 


Gary Hawkins

Hawkins has spent his career incessantly driving retail into the future. First as a retailer, pioneering loyalty and exploring the power of customer data while turning new insights into action. Next as a leading customer strategist, helping notable retailers and CPG brand manufacturers around the world understand the power of shopper data and guiding early collaborative marketing initiatives, the cornerstone of today's industry shopper marketing. Then as a technologist, combining early insight to new tech with his unique perspective and understanding of shopper-level economics across the supply chain to create the first true personalized marketing solution for supermarket retailers. 


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